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John Busby’s Penis
By Tom Perri

He showed it to the Kelly girls and old lady McGuiness
Everyone in the counties seen John Busby’s penis
He wiggled it at the preachers wife, she swears she’s never seen it
Thought it was one of St. Patty’s snake, ‘twas John Busby’s penis

John Busby’s penis boy, John Busby’s penis
A diddely-die, it points to the sky
John Busby’s Penis

Now he’s a proud Irishman and you know he has know fear
When a lovely lass comes by he wips out his peter
No shame no gain John Busby says in that he has no meaness
“I likes nothing but air between their eyes and me penis”

(repeat chorus)

I remember the night the banshee wailed and cast a spell between us
0ut of the darness Busby ran and we all saw his penis
It’s just a wee bit little thing but it’s reflex he did perfect
and showing it to the girls you see is how he gets erect

(repeat chorus)

Beware now lassie I do warn don’t add to his tally
Beware of any Irishman who shows you his shallalie

(repeat chorus end)