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The Ten Commandments of Love
By Tom Perri

Always remember the ten commandments of love.
And try to follow the ten commandments of love

(One) Never ever make rude body sounds
(Two) When done in the bathroom always put the seat down
(Tree)  Never refer to her dead relatives as creeps
(FOUR) And remember two brush your teeth at least once a week


Now baby doll I didnt mean to loose your dead mommas ring
But I really thought (chorus)
that horse had a chance of coming in
And you know I would never ever lie to you
But if I did Id swear I was telling the truth

Give her presents to mark anniversaries passed
You can always sell them later when she throws you out on your ass
Cheating is something you should never, never do
But if you get caught tell her I was thinking of you

(chorus end)