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How’s It Hangin’, Mr. Death
By Tom Perri

Hello how have you been, I didn’t think I’d see you again
I’ve ducked your hollow eyes and icy breath
But I guess we all gotta go so there’s nothing left to do
But say hello and a how’s it hangin’, Mr.Death

Elvis and Jesse James, Hitler and Lincoln to drop some names
You’ve known them all from the worst to the best
Race car drivers who drove to fast Houdini and Wallenda
Were dying to ask you a How’s it hangin’, Mr. Death

Like Buffalo Bill I’m, now defunct and the Titanics’
 passengers who stayed and sunk life’s a hotel and were just guests
So with the Three wise men and the Elephant man I’ll be shootin, the shit
In the promised land so a how’s it hangin’ Mr. Death