In case you haven't figured it out yet below is a list of links to some interesting and/or amusing pages
that've come across recently. I'll add more as I find them or remember them or remember who I
am and why I bothered in the first place.
Tom Perri
The Tormented One

Dr. Demento The doctor is in - follow the links to hear the good Doctor streaming through the Internet.

Madeleine KaneGreat site for political and other types of humor by a talented writer.

The Bonzo Dog Band All things Bonzo.

Tom Lehrer Good place to start for info on a founding father of dementia.

WKDU Drexel RadioGreat college radio. newsgroup All things concerning the Doctor.

Eric Houg Internet Radio Excellent Internet show for lovers of things different.

Daves Fun Stuff Great source for Dementia info and music.

WARP Radio Network Interesting Internet radio and a Dr. Demento re-broadcast. Interesting and amusing politcal/social commentary.

Mudcat Cafe For all those interested in old tunes.