A Brief Biography

I was born in 1809 in a log cabin in rural Kentucky…no, wait that wasn't me that was Lincoln. Oh yeah, I remember now I was born in Philadelphia in 1962. A rather dull and listless child, I was notable only in my lethargy. One day in the year of our lord 1970, I came into possession of the Beatles latest single titled "Let It Be".  Growing tired of the song I flipped the record over to listen to the "B" side. As the subtle strains of "You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)" filled the air I was immediately transformed, "So the Beatles have talent after all" I thought to myself.
 From that point forward I had an insatiable appetite for musical nonsense. My father indulged my growing social disenfranchisement with gifts of an occasional Spike Jones album or a Stan Freeberg greatest hits. Sometime in the mid-seventies I happened upon the Dr. Demento Show. A revelation, I was not alone. There were countless other strange natured human beings out there who liked their music a little twisted. Every Sunday I listened to the Dr. Demento show religiously. In fact more so, because while I didn't pay much attention in church, I did listen intently to the doctor.
 Tom Lehrer, The Bonzo Dog Band, and all matter of silly songs became my listening pleasure. As I grew into the biological equivalent of a man, I never lost my love for demented music.
 Throughout the course of my checkered musical career I've played many styles of music in many types of bands. Some not so good, others just plain awful. I've played in rock bands, punk bands, funk bands, Irish bands, jug bands, blues bands, you name it, I butchered it. I've been a drummer through most of it but have done stints on the guitar and blues harp as well.
 Christmas of 1986 marked the closest I ever came to anyone noticing that I was breathing. I was drumming with a band known as "The Plural Nouns". We got a fair amount of local radio play with a Christmas novelty song titled "Yuppie Christmas". However Christmas ended and so did yuppies and so did "The Plural Nouns".  I also appeared on the Joey Reynolds radio show in the mid eighties doing a tune known as "The Irish Song" and going way back to the early eighties, I did a stint as Tormented Tom on the college radio station WKDU out of Drexel University. I never attended Drexel and even if I did they probably wouldn't admit it. I currently spend a fair amount of time banging around the coffee house circuit in Philadelphia doing whatever lunacy occurs to me at any particular moment.
 During the months of January, February and March of 2001, I decided to commit to posterity the accumulated psychosis of my life and recorded the CD "Alone at Last". The CD was recorded in my living room with me covering most of the instruments and friends helping out whenever my musical ineptitude proved over whelming. The collection was originally intended as a way to alienate my friends but soon even my enemies had to concede that I needed professional help.
 The positive response and encouragement I received prompted me to send a copy of the CD to the Dr. Demento show. On August 19th, 2001, the good doctor debuted "The Real Dick Cheney" on his Sunday evening program. The September 9th broadcast saw the song enter the top 5 most requested song list, coming in at number 4. A dream come true, the equivalent of getting an at bat in the major leagues to us twisted souls that produce this nonsense. On June 23, 2002 "The Real Dick Cheney" climbed the heights of absurditiy and claimed the coveted number 1 spot on the good Docotor's top 5 most requested. As a direct result of these appearances on Dr. Demento, several other commercial radio stations have requested and aired the parody. I received a very good response from these broadcasts and I am now seeking options to make the "Alone at Last" CD commercially available.
 So, there you have it, the highlights of my demented musical career. Of course I left out many seedy details like the exact nature of my relationship with Chandra Levy and what I was doing at the time of her disappearance. No…wait that wasn't me that was Gary Condit . Oh yeah, I remember now, I'm Tom Perri, the real Tom Perri.